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Wera 24 Piece Kit

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Wera 24 Piece Kit

Unbelieveable value for money. 

It contains a combination of screwdriving tools that provides fun and great results: A VDE Kraftform handle with eight different insulated blades. A Kraftform handle with ¼“ Rapidaptor bit holder and eight 89 mm long ¼“ bits. In addition, four L-key wrenches with Hex-Plus profile, which avoid the rounding of hexagon socket screws. The tool set is stored optimally in the textile folding pouch. With the self-adhesive hook and loop fastener zone, the tool pouch can also be easily attached to the workshop wall, van side or the workshop trolley. Alternatively, it can be instantly docked with the Wera 2go transport system. Another highlight of this Kit is the special edition Kraftform bottle opener, which can glow in the dark! Suitable for the dark nights of the winter season.



  • 1 x 816 Kraftform Interchangeable Rapidator Bit Holder Handle
  • 2 x 855/4 Z PoziDriv 89mm Bits: PZ1, PZ2
  • 3 x 867/4 Z TORX 89mm Bits: Tx15, Tx20, Tx25
  • 1 x 800/4 Z Slotted 89mm Bit: 5.5mm x 1.0mm
  • 2 x 851/4 Z Phillips 89mm Bits: PH1, PH2
  • 1 x 817 VDE Insulated Kraftform Interchangeable Screwdriver Blade Holder
  • 2 x KK 65i Insulated 154mm PoziDriv Blades: PZ1, PZ2
  • 4 x KK 60i Insulated 154mm Slotted Blades: 2.5mm x 0.4mm, 3.5mm x 0.6mm, 4.0mm x 0.8mm, 5.5mm x 1.0mm
  • 2 x KK 62i Insulated 154mm Phillips Blades: PH 1, PH 2
  • 4 x 950 Chrome Plated Hex Allen L-keys: 3.0mm x 63mm, 4.0mm x 70mm, 5.0mm x 80mm,6.0mm x 90mm
  • 1 x 1496 Wera Bottle Opener, Glow In The Dark Limited Edition
  • 1 x Wera Textile storage case for all the screwdriver bits and handles
  • 154mm KK60i 0.4x2.5, 0.6x3.5, 0.8x4.0, 1.0x5.5