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DCV586MN XR FlexVolt Dust Extractor 18/54V Bare Unit

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DCV586MN XR FlexVolt Dust Extractor 18/54V Bare Unit

The DEWALT DCV586M XR FlexVolt Dust Extractor is M-Class compliant, <0.1% dust escape through filter, making it suitable for use on construction sites. Fitted with a brushless motor that provides powerful and constant suction power, even with the finest concrete and wood dust. Innovative dual filter cleaning system maintains performance during tough construction applications. The filter is automatically cleaned every 30 seconds, reducing filter clogging and delivering constant air flow. An audible alarm alerts user if a drop in performance occurs.

The extractor features a key fob remote which enables wireless activation of the unit away from the switch for ease of use, saving time and effort. The TSTAK™ compatibility enables ease of use, enhanced mobility and flexible storage. Wet and dry capacity for maximum clean up flexibility.

DCV586MT2: 2 x 18/54V 6.0/2.0Ah Li-ion Batteries
DCV586MN: Bare Unit, No Battery or Charger


Voltage: 18/54V
Capacity Wet/Dry: 7.5/11 Litre
Max. Air Flow: 24.7L/sec.
Hose Nozzle Outside Diameter: 32mm

The DEWALT DCV586MN XR FlexVolt Dust Extractor is supplied with:

1 x Extraction Hose 2.4m x 32mm
1 x AirLock Adaptor 3mm
1 x Stepped Rubber AirLock Adaptor
1 x Key Fob
1 x Strap
1 x Fleece Dust Bag

No Battery or Charger Supplied.