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Dewalt 54Volt Training Day

Posted by Steve Warby on


Hi Guys,

been busy on the Dewalt training day on the 54 volt range that will be available mid September 2017.

Available as bare units or with 2 X 54 volt batteries & Fast Charger and TSTAK cases.

 Products that that will be released in September are as follows :

DCS397 54 Volt Alligator Saw

DCS575 54 Volt Circular Saw

DCS388 54 Volt  Recip Saw

DCG414 54 Volt  Grinder

DCS777 54 Volt  Mitre Saw

DCS7485 54 Volt  Table Saw

DCV584L 54 Volt Vacuum Cleaner

I have placed my orders for all the above (except for the Alligator saw as I have never sold one).

Stocks will be limited for the first few months so they will be on a first come first served basis.

So get your orders in now.

I could only do a couple of Facebook Live Feeds as the phone signal was playing up.

 Table Saw:

Mitre Saw:


I tried all the machines and they all worked as well as, if not better than corded. So ‘seeing is believing’.

 The great news about the new 54 Volt batteries is they will fit your existing 18 volt tools and act as a 18 Volt 6 amp battery. You can charge the 54 Volt batteries in your existing chargers ( obviously slower than the new 54 Volt fast charger) and you can charge your 18 Volt batteries in the 54 Volt chargers. So there is no need to be throwing away all your old batteries, chargers or tools.

There will also be a 9amp version next year.

There is a slight increase in size and weight in the new batteries but only about 15%.

In October they will be releasing a (wait for it ) a 54 Volt plunge saw and a 250mm Mitre saw. No pricing as yet.

Dewalt are still committed to the 18 Volt range and they have some new 18 Volt products coming out soon.



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